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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a way to make phone calls using the internet as the transmission method, rather than a landline. You can make and receive calls from other VoIP users, mobile users, and people with ordinary landlines. The integration between any ordinary line and VoIP is complete and undetectable to callers.

VoIP can be implemented in several ways; from a software program on your computer used with a headset and microphone, adaptors used with regular analogue home phones or you can use dedicated VoIP phones. These look and act like regular phones but have specially designed chips to improve call quality.

VoIP is very cost-effective. There are two charges made for traditional phone calls. First you pay for the exchange line rental and secondly for the actual call. Compare this with data charges. Normally you pay for Internet access at a flat monthly rate irrespective of the time that you use. Hence VoIP calls are effectively ‘free’.

Free VoIP calls are typically restricted to users who make ‘calls’ to other users who have PCs connected to broadband. If you need to make calls to people who are not on broadband then you can use our breakout services. This means that you can cross the globe on a data network, ‘break out’ locally at the remote end and make a call to a traditional landline telephone or a mobile phone at a much reduced cost. USIC offer a fully integrated VOIP solution.

Business travellers can also ulitise USIC VOIP services via the internet access offered in hotel rooms, airports and other wireless hotspots. Again this is an extremely cost-effective way to make long distance calls without incurring expensive telephony call charges.









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